Search Results Page

This section defines behaviour of Search Results Page, that can replace default one, and provide additional functional for the search.

General Settings Tab


This section defines basic layout of Search Results page, and consists of the following triggers:

  • Omega search results page

If you will enable this option, default search results page will be replaced with our Search Results Page, which is pretty more advanced.

Omega Search Results Page

For example, our extension allows to add to Search Results page additional filter, that can be shown to the left, or on the top of results list. How to set up available filters, refer to Filters section of this manual.

  • Show filters block on the left side of search results

If you will enable this option, filter block will be shown to the left from Search Results as large list block.

Omega Search Results Page Filter Left

  • Show filters block on the top of search results

If you will enable this option, filter block will be shown to the top from Search Results as drop-down menus.

Omega Search Results Page Filter Top

  • Show search box on the page

Our extension also allows to show additional search box on Search Results page to perform more precise search. It supports autocomplete, like regular one.

Omega Search Results Page Search Box


This section allows customize Search Results page appearance and fit it to the your store’s theme. It consists of the following options:

  • Your Theme is…

All themes are divided into two large categories - light-colored and dark-colored. This option allows to switch our Search Result page between these palettes. On screenshot below are shown both: Light to the left, Dark to the right:

Omega Search Results Page Themes

This is the most basic option, from which all customizations begin. The options below allow you to fit our Search Page more tighly to your design.

  • Link Color
  • Price Color

These two options govern link and price colors - the most customizable elements in every theme:

Omega Search Results Page Link Colors

  • Discounted Badge Color

Discounted Badge is shown, when product price is lower, than regular. This option defines, which color will have the badge:

Omega Search Results Discount Badge

  • Border Color

Governs all borders, that used on Search Result Page, including input boxes and checkboxes.

Omega Search Results Border Colors

  • Side Bar Border Color

Side Bar, however, has its own border, that can be set separately.

Omega Search Results Sidebar Border Colors

  • Font Size

Allows to choose font size for text elements on Search Results Tab, including short description, if it is included to the results (see Search Box -> Item Appearance -> Show Short Description) option.

Omega Search Results Font Size

This option affects not only Search Result Page, but also Autocompletion search item.

  • Product Card Border Color
  • Product Card Background Color

These two options govern appearance of so-called “Product Cart” - a single item on Search Results page.

Omega Search Results Product Card Colors

This option also affects other input elements on the page, so be careful with these options.

Product Card color options also can be set as RGBA. A tool for visual picking colors in this format can be found here: RGBA Color Picker!

View Modes Tab


This section contains only one option - Default View. It is view, that will be displayed for customer by default. There’s up to three possible modes (if enabled):

  • Grid View
  • List View
  • Table View

Each of these modes has its own set of options, described below in corresponding subsections.

Most of options described below, are visible only when particular view mode is enabled.

Grid View

  • Enable Grid View
  • Number of Columns
  • Number of Rows

These options define appearance of Grid View. When switched to this type of view, Search Results page will be turned to the table with given columns and rows per page. Screenshot below demonstrates 5x2 appearance.

Omega Search Results Grid View

If you had changed Number of Columns or Number of Rows, to test changes you need repeat the search completely. If you just will refresh the page, changes will apply only partially.

  • Show SKU

If you will trigger this option, product cell will be supplied with SKU.

Omega Search Results Grid View with SKU

  • Show Short Description

If you will trigger this option, product in cell will be accompanied with description.

Omega Search Results Grid with Description

It is recommended to use this option with small quantity of columns, since descriptions can be long

  • Show Price

This option is enabled by default, as you can see on screenshots above. To disable price display just trigger it off.

  • Show ‘Add to Cart’ button.

When this option is enabled, below each cell a button “Add to Cart” appears, enabling customer to shop directly from search results.

Omega Search Results Grid View with Add to Cart

List View

  • Enable List View
  • Show SKU
  • Show Price
  • Show ‘Add to Cart’ button.

Generally, list view mode has the same options, as the Grid View - and they have the same meaning. Take a look at this screenshot, displaying List View with all options enabled:

Omega Search Results List View

Table View

  • Enable Table View

This option enables Table View mode for Search Results page. It is the most flexible view, that can have many appearances.

Omega Search Results Table View

  • Show ‘Add to Cart’ button.

This option applies only when Price column is displayed - since “Add to Cart” button will appear there, if this option is triggered: Omega Search Results Table View

  • Columns Display

The key feature of Table View is possibility to choose, which columns will be shown to customer. Each column has its own trigger, and their order can be established using direction arrows in first column.

Omega Search Results Table View

By selecting and arranging columns set, you can create a unique search representation for your store.