Search Box Configuration

This section defines Search Box behaviour and has the following subsections:

General Settings

This block governs the most general options, that affect Search Box appearance.

If you enable this option, our application will show a dynamic search box on the right side of each page in your store. Usually this option is used if your theme does not have a built-in search box.

Omega Search Box

Option “Enable search autocomplete”

If you enable this option, our application will automatically attach a dropdown list to the search bar of your theme. It will look like:


Option “Full screen mode on mobile”

If you enable this option, our application will show full screen autocomplete search on mobile devices. It will look like:

Mobile search

Autocomplete Content Categories

Settings in this sections apply only when “Enable search autocomplete” option is enabled.

It consists of four categories, that will appear in auto-complete box. They resemble types of store content, which are indexed by our extension.

  • Products;
  • Pages;
  • Categories;
  • Posts.

Autocomplete Content Categories

Each category can be turned off or on, using trigger in Status column, or limited to a fixed number of displayed results - using Max. number of results column. Their order also can be defined, using direction arrows in first column.

Item Appearance

This section applies only when autocomplete is enabled. It contains settings, that govern search result display.

Show Thumbnail

If you enable this option, each item of search results will be supplied with small image of product.

Autocomplete Show Thumbnail

Show Short Description

If you enable this option, description of found product will be shown.

Autocomplete Show Description

Short Description Length

This option governs, how long should be description, shown in search result items. The most effective length are 140 chars (Twitter standard) and 160 chars (SMS standard).

Autocomplete Description Length

It is visible only when Show Short Description option is enabled.

Show Product Price

If you enable this option, current price of the product will be shown in search result item.

Autocomplete Show Price


This option defines color of link, that leads from autocomplete drop-down to actual product page. It can be set either manually, in HTML color hex format, or using color selector.

Link color

Price Color

This setting applies only when Show Product Price option is enabled. It defines color of that price, and also can be selected manually, or using color selector.

Price color

A good color picker for this and above option can be found here: HTML Color Picker!

Advanced Settings

Custom Search Field Selector

This option is used to decorate our search input box with your custom styles.

Default field selector looks like this:


You can add there another selector - prefixed with point (.search-box), if you use CSS classes, or prefixed with number sign (#omega-search-box), if you use DOM-based identifiers.

Bind to that selector your custom CSS to fit our search box to your theme.