Product Ranking

This section governs settings of search algorithm, and it’s scope and results displaying.

General Settings

Hide products with tags

Use this option if you would like to hide some products from the search results. To do that, you need to enter a comma-separated list of tags (e.g. HIDE_FROM_SEARCH, NO_SELL, TEMP) and our search application will not show products with those tags.

Also application has a predefined tag ‘ExcludeFromSearch’. If you assing your products to this tag, those products will be hidden from the search results.

Use Metafields data for search (Shopify only)

Metafields are special objects which store additional product information (

If you enable this option, application will search inside products metafields as well.


After triggering On this function, you need to re-run full data reindexing - otherwise changes will not apply.

Show out-of-stock products in the search results

If you enable this option, application will show products which are out-of-stock in the search results.

Show prices for out-of-stock products

If you enable this option, application will show prices for out-of-stock products the search results.


Product rankings are used for configuration of relevance algorithm, depending from product fields. They are organized in table:

Ranking Table

Set the weights for product fields by using Search weight column, and search results will be sorted, based on that weights.

You can also exclude some fields from the search by disabling them in the column Use for search.

Important Notes for Shopify-only

  • Field attributes contains the following fields of the product:
    • Product type
    • Tags
  • Field metaTitle contains data from the product’s field Page title. You can see it if you click the link Edit website SEO on the product edit page.
  • Field metaFields includes all metafields of product (