Filters section allows to define parameters, by which search results can be filtered.

Filter Box appears, when one of these options are set to On:

  • Search Results Page -> General Settings -> Show filters block on the left side of search results
  • Search Results Page -> General Settings -> Show filters block on the top of search results

Filter options and their order in this box are defined using the following table, which by default contains the most chosen attributes:

Filter Display Table

You can order them using direction arrows in first column and trigger them On/Off using Is Active column.

Buttons Edit and Delete allow to perform corresponding actions on them.

How to add new Filter

  1. Press New Filter button. Creation page will appear: Filter Creation

  2. Name this filter using Label field. It will appear in Filter Box.

  3. Pick the product Attribute, which will be used for filtering.

    • If you had selected simple attribute, like Vendor, for example, just save the filter;
    • If you had selected a complex attribute, like Category, you will see additional options:
      • Show all available values - triggering this option will show attribute possible values as is;
      • Show only next options - appears only when option above is set to Off. Here you can list in comma-separated format values, that you need for filtering;
    • If you had selected special attribute Variant’s Options’, you will need also to select in Option drop-down, which option will be used for filtering.

Important Note on Variant's' Options

Option drop-down select, which will appear for Variant’s Options’ attribute will contain values like Option 1, Option 2 and so on.

To determine, which option you’re actually selecting, go to Products section of your store, and pick up a product. Then scroll to Variants section, and press Edit options. Order in dialog window, that will appear, corresponds with options numbering. For example, Color would be Option 1, as shown below.

Filter Variant Options