This section describes, how to track search analytics, and be in touch with your customers’ preferences and desires. It also describes two different settings sections of - Dashboard and Analytics, since they both provide information about searches analysis.

Dashboard section

The most part for analyzing search statistics is Dashboard, that provides all necessary information. It is divided into six subsections:

  • Overall Searches - displays general statistics on searches frequency.
  • Search Performance - displays time, which is taken by average search
  • Index Status - displays, how many products (and other content) you have indexed, and allows to manually schedule reindex. This data you can use to pick up correct Billing plan in appropriate settings section.
  • Searches Frequency Chart - displays as a chart search frequency for last days.
  • Top Search Queries - displays a table, which contains searches, that were conducted by most customers.
  • Search Queries with empty result - displays a table, which contains searches, that did not produced zero result.

Dashboard Overview

These sections are used in everyday work, and are a powerful tool for keeping your search policy actual. For example, you can extend your products assortment, if empty results will show increase demands for specific goods. Top searches can help you to plan promotional policy and so on.

Analytics section

This section hosts a table, which allows to display and filter all searches, performed by customers.

Searches Datasheet

Each search (even incomplete and with zero hits) is recorded here. You can filter this table with a field, located under Query heading and pressing Filter button, to significantly reduce number of displayed searches.

This section is very useful for promotional purposes and for creating Redirect Rules, since it clearly shows, what exactly customers look for.