Omega Instant Search - Quick Start

Omega Instant Search is a flexible and intuitive application, that can be used out-of-box with minimal efforts. There’s however, some things, that can be adjusted.

Let’s explore, how our application should be set for performance. Go to Apps -> Omega Search - Advanced Search, and start tuning up.

  1. Once you install Omega Instant Search extension, make sure, that default Search Page is replaced by ours - at Search Results Page section;
  2. Customize Search Results page, so it fit your theme smoothly and set up modes for results displaying (at the same settings section, as above);
  3. Enable and customize Autocompletion appearance at Search Box section;
  4. Set up filters at Filters section, and enable Filter Block (at Search Results Page), to supply customers with quick refining of results.
  5. If you have diverse products names with wide range of terms, configure Synonyms and Stopwords to optimize search;
  6. If you have promotional subcategories for your products, configure Redirect Rules.
  7. Observe analytics frequently with our Dashboard charts and statistics, and Analytics search history - and use it for optimizing your search policy.

This should be a good begin.

Refer to appropriate sections of our manual to have more info.